Casualties of March by ~Youngjusticeaddict

Wally: Heh, never thought I’d end up here this soon…
Damian: Tt, I knew you would.
Aya: *smacks Damian in the back of the head* Behave, child.
Wally: Ha, Dick told me his little brother was kind of rude. Didn’t think you were this bad, Damian.
Damian:Only code names in the field!
Wally: Chill out, kid. This isn’t the field, and everyone up here knows who you are.
Aya: Gentlemen, I do believe we have arrived at our destination.
Aaaand sorry to rub salt in everyone’s wounds, but inspiration comes when it does.
This month we have lost three amazing heroes, two to never return again due to show cancellations and the new52. But that doesn’t mean they’ll ever be forgotten.
Rest in peace Wally West, Damian Wayne, and Aya.